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Is Lockdown Forcing People to Face Themselves?

written by Oliver JR Cooper April 29, 2020
Is Lockdown Forcing People to Face Themselves?

For a long time now, the world had been moving forward, and it seemed as though nothing could stop it. Now, though, due to COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns, the world is rapidly coming to a standstill.

Of course, the world was moving before and it is still moving now; what has changed is that a lot of  people have been forced to change their behaviour. In just a matter of weeks, so much has changed.

Facing the Unexpected

If the average person was told this time last year that, in a year’s time, the world would be like it is now, they would probably laugh. They might describe the person saying this as crazy or even a conspiracy theorist.

Ultimately, they would assume that such a scenario was highly unlikely. But if they didn’t dismiss what they heard, what may have come to mind is that such a drastic change would be the result of terrorism or perhaps war.

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