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Losing a Half a Pound Per Day

Part Two

written by Leslie Chen August 14, 2019
Losing a Half a Pound Per Day

In Part Two of this series, Leslie Chen shares the second half of her four-part Teassert Technique for losing a half a pound per day. 

Part 3. How to Relaunch Motivation in One Simple Step

So how did Sara break free from her long-standing belief that her genes were the unstoppable force that held her back, which enabled her to regain motivation and lose a size effortlessly in only three weeks?

Through proof.

When she managed to lose her first five pounds in two weeks just through the Teassert Technique, the conviction that her genes made it impossible to lose weight fast smashed into pieces. It only took her two weeks to overthrow her view that she had been living by for ten years! The curse was gone and her motivation went sky high right at that instant.

This is what I want to share with you in this section:

To boost motivation, you need to level up your experience with quick wins! The key is to target the right wins because otherwise, you’ll feel even more frustrated weeks after weeks.

So what will you target as a quick win? “Losing five pounds in two weeks as Sara did!”  You call it out enthusiastically.

Sure, I don’t disagree with you on that because it’s possible. However, there’s one thing you need to realize: Real weight loss is a byproduct of a setting good eating and living patterns, just like a good-looking transcript is a byproduct of intelligence and hard work.

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