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Loving Your Children by Loving Yourself

written by Dr. Margaret Paul July 24, 2018
Loving Your Children by Loving Yourself

Discover the importance of loving yourself while also lovingly attending to your children.

Are you attending to your children but abandoning yourself? Think about this for a moment: Is it really possible to love your children without loving yourself, or to love yourself without loving your children?

The answer is a resounding, “NO!”

If you are abandoning yourself to take care of your children, this is not loving to your children or to yourself. While being there for your children is very important, it is equally important to be a role model for what it means to love yourself by taking responsibility for your own feelings and wellbeing. If you take care of your children but do not take care of your own feelings and needs, they will not learn how to take loving care of their feelings and needs. They will grow up either expecting someone else to take care of them, or they will care-take others while abandoning themselves – just as you do.

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