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Loving Yourself by Following Your Heart’s Desires

written by Dr. Margaret Paul July 9, 2018
Following your heart's desires

Do you know the desires of your heart and soul, or only the desires of your egos wounded self? Have you ever considered that your desires come from two different places?

Desires of Your Heart and Soul

Our heart and soul know that we are on the planet to learn, love, grow, create and express our gifts, talents, passion and purpose in a way that brings us fulfillment and helps our planet. These are our true desires.

When we are connected with our soul essence and our higher self, nothing gives us more joy than learning about loving ourselves and sharing our love with others, and growing in our ability to express our love, gifts, talents, creativity, passion and purpose. Our inner child, our soul essence, will let you in on these deeper heart desires when you are open to learning about what fulfills you and brings you joy.

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