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Loving Yourself Some You

written by Jeanette Schneider May 16, 2019
Loving Yourself Some You

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or you just attended a summer wedding, love is often on our minds. So when my inside-and-out beautiful friends at Kaia Fit asked me to guest blog for them about such a topic, I jumped up and down and said, “Yes, pick me!” And I wanted to share these thoughts with you here in order to remind you of the most important love affair of all – and that is the one with yourself.

I first began collecting and publishing love letters from women to their younger selves over a year ago. Successful women took off their shine to virally mentor those women who are still in the struggle. What I didn’t expect (nor did they) was the deep, cathartic work the writers would undertake.

As I began to interview them about the process, it became clear I was on to something pretty amazing. Since that time, I’ve been gifted stunning letters by incredible women. Donna Brazile, the former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, shared that she felt it was important to reflect, pause, and give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished. Emily Nolan, a plus-sized model and author, expressed the deep love she found for herself after years of severe body dysmorphia. Many themes bubbled up around forgiveness, boundaries within relationships, and learning to ask for what you want in your life.

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