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Mainstream Media: Should We Be Skeptical?

written by Oliver JR Cooper October 9, 2019
Mainstream Media: Should We Be Skeptical?

If someone was to read a newspaper or to watch a news station, they might keep a mental distance (psychological distance) from what they are exposed to. Said another way, they won’t let what they hear go straight into their mind.

Through being this way, they will be able to take a deeper look into what is being said. Naturally, it will take more effort and energy for them to do this, but it will be a way for them to protect their own mind.

An Important Ability

What this is going to illustrate is that one is skeptical, not someone who will just go along with what they are told. Perhaps they have been this way for as long as they can remember or maybe they developed this ability in their later life.

Nonetheless, having this ability doesn’t mean that they will never be fooled; after all, they are a fallible human being. Yet, although they will be fooled from time to time, this will be something that doesn’t take place as often as it would if they were not skeptical.

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