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Marriage and Obligation

written by Sharon Pope February 26, 2020
Marriage and Obligation

RD&T contributing author Sharon Pope discusses the familiar topic of obligation and marriage while distinguishing what love is and isn’t.

Relationships based on obligation lack dignity. – Wayne Dyer

Maybe this sounds familiar to you:

Last night my husband and I were discussing whether or not he would go out of his way to pick up something for me that is close to his work. I told him I felt a little bit bad asking him to do it because I know he’s tired after his 12 hour shifts and his hand is still healing after the accident we were involved in. He got a bit exasperated and said he’s happy to go out of his way to do something for his wife – because that’s what marriage is – you do things for your spouse that you don’t necessarily like to make the other person happy. And then in return maybe I could just show a little appreciation and do something for him that I don’t necessarily like, such as having sex with him… I am done with using sex as a way to get things in the marriage. It’s something I used to consider to be my wifely duty, and I hated that. I want sex to be about union and pleasure for both partners, not payment or obligation.

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