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Meeting One Another’s Expectations

Part 1: Rewarding Relationships

written by Mel Menzies July 9, 2018
True love- Meeting One Another's Expectations

I don’t know about you but sometimes, if we go out for a meal, I find myself people watching. It’s fascinating! There’s the middle-aged couple sitting at the table over by the wall who have said nothing to one another since they sat down and who, now that they’re tucking into their first course, make no eye contact whatsoever. On the other side of the restaurant, there’s a couple of kids who look as if they’re barely out of college, who are engaging in a ding-dong row, comprising scowling faces, pointed fingers and inaudible, but clearly furious, phrases spitting like flame-throwers from their mouths. And between them all is a young family: a mum with weariness imprinted heavily upon her, and a dad who has no time to notice because the kids are bouncing one off against the other.

Once upon a time, things might have been different. And it makes you wonder: could that be me?


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