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Modifications for Psychological Health

Part Two: Be Less Sad and More Content

written by Rick Hanson December 16, 2019
Modifications for Psychological Health

So what are we to make of this body of information? We cannot help our genetics and early childhood. Our present circumstances are not completely of our own making. We can take control of the next moment of our lives and modify it for the better. By making a few modifications and altering your perspective, you can rebalance your emotions and train your brain to be content. 

Clearly, these principles emerge:

  • We need to drop bad moods and behaviors, or at least reduce them to a minimum number.
  • We need to activate the good with at least a five to one ratio.
  • We need to simplify our lives; more is not necessarily better, and ruminating about choices and options will not necessarily help us further.
  • We need to activate the areas of the brain that promote biological and psychological health, such as the left frontal lobe and the left insula and cingulate.
  • We need to balance the nutrition of the brain to optimize the chemistry of the brainstem (see below).
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