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My Dance with Commitment

Two Steps Forward. One Step Back.

written by Kathryn Sandford March 12, 2019
My Dance with Commitment

It has been an interesting week since my last blog, and I will update you all on my progress with Dirty Harry and Angel later in this blog. But in the meantime, let’s look at my progress to date. As you all know, the  Dyer Blomfield Dream Team Matty and Menilik have created a 12-month plan for reinvention. This plan is divided into nine key areas with set tasks and milestones that I, along with their help, have committed to action on my journey of Reinvention.

By following these key tasks and activities for twelve months I should be:

  1. Closer to my dream of becoming a writer and speaker.
  2. Closer to building Dream Plan Act as a resource center for a global community of collaborators who inspire, empower, and support each other to embrace and celebrate change so that they are able to live positive, healthy, and fulfilled lives.
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