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Oh, My God! I Forgot to Have a Baby!

written by Treva Brandon Scharf March 8, 2019
I Forgot to Have a Baby

I didn’t exactly forget, I just lost track of time.

My mind was on other things: like figuring out my career path and deciding what I wanted in life. I always dreamed of being a wife and a mother. I always operated on the assumption it would happen when it was supposed to, in its own time – whenever that was.

I also thought my fertility would last forever, so what was the rush?

I breezed through my thirties and cruised into my forties without hearing a single tick-tock of my biological clock. I continued to date and work and live life like the independent single woman that I was. And despite the fact that pretty much all of my friends were married with kids, I felt no pressure to join the club.

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