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Is there a “devil”? Are we locked in an eternal struggle with a malevolent deity? Are we fighting a never-ending battle between good and evil; right and wrong? Opposing Energies looks to settle these questions once and for all. The cosmic struggle that underlies our existence for all recorded history is not what most people think it is. There are no evil forces ravaging the Earth, encouraging sin, tempting us to do wrong and keeping us in conflict. We manage to do these things all by ourselves; you and I are responsible. We are better at keeping ourselves stuck than any cosmic creature could ever be. The good news is that since we are responsible, we have the ability and to fix this.

The belief in evil is common and rooted in the “Prevailing Cultural Myth” (see our article The First Relationship Disaster). The existence of the devil is how religious scholars utilize and explain opposites. We have learned that opposites are a gift to experience life. Religion has found a way to twist this gift into a curse; a curse that has descended us into an epic and eternal struggle between good and evil. They have relegated opposing energies into an obscene battle that we are caught in the middle of, collateral damage in this eternal fight between the gods.

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