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Pray for Guidance

Part Seven: Essential Truths

written by Maryanne Comaroto, PhD May 19, 2020
Pray for Guidance

The final – and perhaps most significant – of the seven essential truths I have incorporated into my daily practices is praying for guidance. Because I utilize the power of prayer, I live a healthy, fulfilling and blessed life. You can too.

The Power of Prayer

It’s ancient and mystifying

Right here in America, millions of us subscribe to it every day:

[…] prayer is a common religious practice […], with nearly six-in-ten adults in the U.S. saying they pray at least once a day.

Still, the rate of non-religious affiliation of people under 50 is steadily declining. (Pew Trust Religious Landscape Survey, 2007).

Is this because comparatively few of us have developed an intimate understanding of how prayer really works? Has religion failed to educate us, or is prayer something that cannot be fully understood? We pray when we are frightened, feel threatened, or fear some kind of loss. We pray when we want things: relationships, money, or for things to go our way.

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