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Pride, Dignity and Three Important Differences

written by John Amodeo, PhD, MFT August 16, 2019
ride, Dignity and Three Important Differences

Mental and emotional health requires that we feel good about ourselves. But when self-affirmation morphs into a rigid sense of pride, we may damage our dignity and become distant from each other. This is why it’s important to understand three important differences between dignity and pride.

We may have different takes on the word “pride.” A healthy pride might arise from seeing our children doing well or making a contribution to the world. But pride can be a slippery slope toward arrogance, which is why Christianity views it as one of the seven deadly sins.

Coaches may drive players to win at all costs (including cheating) in order to bask in the pride and glory of winning. Political leaders have often mobilized national or ethnic pride to invade other countries. Much of the misery in the world stems from pride run amok. Brimming with pride around our religious or political ideology, we justify atrocities in the name of God, truth, or justice.

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