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Quit Apologizing and Feel Good Again After Divorce

Part Two: Stop Saying, "I'm Sorry"

written by Martha Bodyfelt July 19, 2019
Quit Apologizing and Feel Good Agai

If you read, “Want to Feel Better After Your Divorce? Quit Apologizing,” you learned three uncomfortable truths about being an apologetic woman and the dangers of saying, “I’m sorry.” So now it’s time to quit apologizing and start feeling better, especially if you’re experiencing life after divorce.

The No Apology Commandments

I’m not advocating that you become a rude and inhospitable person. That’s not the point. There are certain situations where apologies are warranted, but a good nine times out of ten, your situation will not fit in one of these categories. So, take a look at the list below. If you answer, “no,” to any of these questions, you should not be saying “I’m sorry.”

  • Did I kill or maim someone?
  • Did I intentionally hurt someone’s feelings?
  • Did I steal someone’s money or high-value possessions?
  • Did I kidnap someone’s child or beloved pet?

It’s as simple as that. If you did not cause egregious harm to someone or something, do not apologize. Do not say, “I’m sorry.”

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