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Raise Your Children to Love Learning

written by Katie Lemons September 18, 2019
Raise Your Children to Love Learning

Learning begins the moment kids come into the world, from watching their parents, their peers, and the world around them. As parents, it is our job to help prepare our children for life, which includes getting ready to start school, making friends, and being well-adjusted and well-rounded kids. Below are some great ways to foster a love of learning, starting in the home.

Surround Them With Books

Reading is the gateway to endless possibilities. When kids start to become proficient readers, the world opens up to them through books, magazines, newspapers, and the internet. Start at a young age by reading picture books at bedtime and throughout the day. Let them pick their favorites, and never make reading a punishment or a chore.

Get your kids their own library cards and let them take ownership of selecting books and taking care of them. You can also get a subscription to a digital library like Epic!, which gives instant access to thousands of books for kids under twelve. Another alternative to traditional books is using audiobooks. This is a great solution for kids who are less confident in their independent reading abilities or want to read a book above their reading level.

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