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Reinventing America 2018-19

Understanding a 4 Personal Year Cycle

written by Sharita Star January 9, 2019
Reinventing America 2018-19

The United States of America most certainly tapped into a very strong learning curve over the course of 2017-18; it held the very promise of The Learning for America.

The years 2017-2018  favored the practice of becoming a student for America, and it is now time for the nation to continue to expect the unexpected on an even more intense level. Thinking outside of the box, discovering the difference between tolerance and allowing, as well as recognizing that any resistance is futile, shows we are now in the fourth and final year of the foundation-laying process within the country’s current 9-year span of time, which began in 2015.

Now that the USA’s “3 Personal Year” has concluded — which preferred growth concerning the seeds planted for the nation back in 2015-2016 in its “1 Personal Year” — America’s current energetic cycle via Numerology shifts to the “4 Personal Year.”

As Jupiter guided the 2017-2018 “3 Personal Year” cycle, the energetic pulse of being willing to be educated, seeking optimism, and honoring the truth within any situation was favored — whether these concepts were actually embraced or not. Jupiter, finishing up in regenerative Scorpio and soon to move into the aims of Sagittarius before the close of 2018, will absolutely remain an important astrological transit for the nation to continue to observe.

However, overall for America, the current planetary focus for the year ahead now shifts to intimately looking at the transit of Uranus between Aries and Taurus via how we can connect the timing of numerology cycles with those of astrology.


Uranus: Whether it guides a “4 Personal Year,” 4 vibration karmic path (4, 13, 22 or 31st of any given month) or the astrological sun sign of Aquarius, tells us we are meant to focus upon breaking through the normal. We are meant to focus upon becoming visionary, overcoming obstacles, implementing originality, and knowing that individualism is the key to working with the whole continuity of humanity.

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