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Reinventing Yourself: Awareness, Choice, and Abundance in All Things

written by Morgan Field October 8, 2019
Reinventing Yourself: Awareness, Choice, and Abundance in All Things

The following is being shared to help you unlock the possibilities and potential of change in your own life in whatever ways you desire. No matter who you are, no matter where you are in your life, no matter what has happened in your past, you can reinvent yourself.

First Came Awareness, Then Came Choice, Then Came Abundance in All Things

It’s always after people get to know me and hear my stories that they realize that I haven’t always been this version of “me” that they now see and know. Most people tell me that they can’t imagine me any other way, and they just assume that I have always been this way – healthy, happy, optimistic, in a very healthy and happy relationship with a man that is the lid to my pot, living out my dreams every day, fulfilled, my values mapped out and aligned with my actions and choices in life, my head on straight, successful, passionate, etc.

Let me take a moment to introduce you to who I used to be, four years ago.

I rolled out of bed to go to work. I took little to no pride to put myself together. My nails were never painted, and in the rare occasion that they were, they would often go weeks being chipped and clearly telling the story that I hadn’t even realized was my own, which was this:

Whatever, I totally don’t even care about myself…

My master bedroom was a huge room that I was waiting to put a pool table in so that when others came over we could have a fun experience together shooting pool. In the interim, I was using that room, the largest and most luxurious room in my condo, as a storage space for all of my junk that I hadn’t gone through and sorted out yet.

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