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Resistance is a Bitch

Part One

written by Morgan Field January 28, 2019
Resistance is a Bitch

This is part one of a two-part series. Find part two here.


I see it all the time, and I bump into it frequently myself. I am not going to lie to you or sugarcoat it…it’s a real bitch.

I have seen so many individuals (and personally experienced it on many occasions) where, when we don’t actually say YES to something in the very heat of the moment when we are moved to say yes, then we become doomed to the hamster-wheel-of-hell where we feel moved to do something, yet come up with a million reasons to not do it.

If we do not fully commit to it right then and there, mind, body, soul, out loud to another human being, we are on the hampster wheel. If we don’t lock it in, schedule it, pay for it, and/or whatever else is necessary to be all in, we are stuck on the hamster wheel.

By not saying “Yes!” to the thing that we know will rock our world and sustainably alter it forever, we promise ourselves we will get to it later, and tomorrow will be a better time to put in the work to create a life that we love living. (You know…because we are SO busy living a life that is mediocre, safe, predictable, over-planned, and comfortable.)

The array of excuses are fast and furious.

Like, “That is a lot of money. I mean, technically I have the money, but…I was saving it for an emergency, or for retirement, or in case a tree falls on my house, or if I am walking across the street and get hit by a truck…” Or maybe your go-to excuse is, “I don’t have time for that,” followed by engaging in a slew of mindless time-wasting activities that you are not even consciously aware that you are doing.

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