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Seven Ways to Enhance Your Prosperity Consciousness

written by Dina Marais August 8, 2019
Seven Ways to Enhance Your Prosperity Consciousness

What is prosperity consciousness and how can we adopt ways to foster and enhance it in ourselves?

First of all, understand that prosperity is an effect in the same way that poverty or scarcity is. If you think about it in terms of cause and effect, then the cause is your mindset. The sum of your thoughts, beliefs, meanings, intentions, decisions, memories, and values becomes your habits of thinking and behaving – your personality.

Your personality is your mindset in action. Your personality then creates your personal reality. In order to change your personal reality, you have to change your personality. Therefore, you have to undergo personality development in order to change the beliefs that hinder you from experience the reality you desire.

Coming back to prosperity, it is also a state of mind – the continuous thoughts and emotions giving you the experience and reality of prosperity. These thoughts and associated emotions determine your responses and subsequent consequences that you recognize as prosperity.

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