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Solving Toxicity in the Digital Age

Part One: Understanding Evolutionary Mismatches

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano June 25, 2019
Solving Toxicity in the Digital Age

One-quintillion – I heard this number mentioned in reference to the exponentially increasing number of cell phone towers around the world.  I had to look this number up when I first heard it. A quintillion is one followed by 18 zeros. The lecturer was discussing the amount of microwave radiation emitted by these towers daily. Our exposure can be as high one-quintillion times greater than the background radiation our bodies evolved in. The lingering controversy as to whether this is harmful or not has been satisfied: Independent groups of scientists worldwide have documented the mechanism, severity and cumulative nature of this toxic exposure – it is harmful. This level of microwave radiation is an obvious digital-age toxicity. This is an evolutionary mismatch: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times the radiation is astronomical. There is a multitude of less well-known, more subtle mismatches in our modern lives that are dramatically impacting your health. Let’s explore some of the more common ones and identify some solutions. First, it is important to identify an alarming trend.

An Alarming Trend – Life Expectancy Should be Skyrocketing!

This is by far the greatest time in history to be alive. Steven Pinker in his book, Enlightenment Now, articulates this fact in exquisite detail. Every great transition in history has brought great advances and unforeseen challenges. Toxicity in the digital age is our current challenge and an alarming trend. For the first time in a century, life expectancy in America is declining. Not since World War I and the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, that killed 675,000 people, have we seen a decrease in life expectancy. In the last three years, life expectancy has either stagnated or declined. With the great advances in medicine, sanitation, public safety, and food availability, it is a sobering fact that life expectancy is decreasing. It should be the exact opposite. Life expectancy should be skyrocketing.

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