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At RD&T, we want to help you bring sustainability to the most important and rewarding aspect of your life: relationships. We are creating a new context for Relationship – a relationship that elevates and empowers. We will call this a spiritual relationship.  This type of relationship exists at a higher level with a design that is conscious and deliberate, not organic. Spiritual relationships express the essence of who you are, which is unlimited, eternal, and free. They are always for a fuller and greater expression of life. A spiritual relationship is the only type of relationship that works.

When you hear the words unlimited, eternal and free, your right brain (spirit) accepts it immediately because it is accurate and compelling. Your left brain (intellect) is probably saying: “I feel limited, trapped, and I am not eternal.” Do your relationships give you a greater sense of freedom? Do you feel unlimited? Can you see into the future with a sense of certainty? If the answers to these questions are no, then you are not creating a spiritual relationship. (See our article on Relationships: The Purpose and Meaning of Life).

The engine of a spiritual relationship is unconditional love, freedom, and creativity. Love that is unconditional transcends time and space. True love is an eternal, spiritual connection beyond corporeal circumstances; it is unlimited and infinite. This type of union is expressed when two conscious, secure, happy, and fulfilled people with a common vision, come together to share their completeness (see our articles The Science of Love and Sustainable Relationship).  They may still have some unconscious areas to heal, but they heal them together in an environment of unconditional love, not conflict. Spiritual love exists without fear and is choiceless.

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