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Stop Letting Your Past Run Your Present

written by Ashish Janiani November 24, 2020
Stop Letting Your Past Run Your Present

You are now a certain age. Maybe you feel your time is long gone; you feel old. Maybe you feel you are losing your youthfulness as days progress; life’s responsibilities have started to burden you with stress. Maybe you feel you are still way too young to know what you want out of life; right now you just want to explore and find yourself. Regardless, chances are there is some part of your past which runs your present and many times unknowingly affects how you visualize your future to be. It may be your health, relationships, finances, family values, or social life. But some part of you is always dwelt in past memories. Somewhere, somehow, this holds true for most of us. Isn’t that amazing!

Your Past and Your Future

It surprises me that patterns from our past affect what we believe will happen to us in our unseen futures. Somebody you gave your heart to cheated on you, for instance. You now live in this memory, making it tough for you to trust someone yet again. Unconsciously, you tend to link a new person in your life to those memories from the past, questioning what if he/she cheats on you as well? You tried your hand at business and failed terribly. It took your self-confidence for a toss. You are now scared to pull up the courage to start again, making it successful this time around.

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