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Taking Out the Trash

written by Edie Weinstein March 28, 2019
Taking Out the Trash

Tuesdays and Fridays are trash pick up days in my neighborhood, with Tuesdays also being the time for recycling. As a tree hugging, crunchy granola hippie, I make sure that I stash plastic, glass, paper, tin, and cardboard in the bin that I leave at the curb. Each time I do, I imagine what cool objects they will reincarnate into.

It reminds me of a time when as a member of what I think we called the Ecology Club in High School, I volunteered at the local recycling center and did Rancocas Creek cleanup in my hometown of Willingboro, New Jersey. The first had us donning heavy work gloves and goggles as we smashed various colored bottles in barrels and hurled bundles of newspapers into trailers. It was a great workout and a good way to work out frustration and anger.  The second invited us to wade into the water as we scooped up debris left by thoughtless people who believed that the Earth was their garbage can.

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