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The Art of Distinguishing

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano July 9, 2018
A girl hiking- Achieving Success

Success can be defined in our society in many ways. It can be identified through health, relationships, happiness, fame or fortune. Intelligence rarely has much to do with it. Some smart people are not successful, while some people of average intelligence are amazingly successful. You know, that guy from high school who drives by your house in a brand new 4-door Mercedes, the huge shiny one with the fancy rims and the tinted windows. You scratch your head and ask, “How did that happen?” Your high school friend does one or two things well, and does them day in and day out. He has made certain critical “distinctions” that bring him consistent financial success. There are likely more stories than you can count of people that did not seem to have significant potential, but are now amazingly successful. The converse is also true; unmet potential is an epidemic.

A well-known example of someone who made critical distinctions is Albert Einstein. He developed slowly as a child, and was considered an average mathematician by his peers. His first job was not as a theoretical physicist at a prestigious university, but as a patent officer in Switzerland. He developed his theory of special relativity in his spare time. He transformed the way we understand time, space and gravity. He asked unusual questions, which led to different answers, and made certain distinctions that revolutionized our world. GPS technology would not be possible without his theories. He was a master at “The Art of Distinguishing.” You have the same power as Einstein – the power of distinguishing. Just like Dr. Einstein, you can learn to identify insights, and make critical distinctions, that will improve your life. These insights are also known as profound knowledge and critical success factors. RD&T Magazine is filled with critical success factors to help you master “The Art of Distinguishing”.  Critical success factors will help you unlock the awesome power that lies within you. Critical success factors exist in every aspect of life. They surround you mentally, emotionally, and physically. To have access to them, you must know they exist; then learn to access them the moment you need them.

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