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The Best Small Church Accounting Software? What to Look For

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell November 19, 2020

church bookkeeping software

PowerChurch is a complete church accounting software, membership management, and recordkeeping system for your growing church. If you need more functionality than the core program offers, you can purchase additional add-ons, such as to handle check-ins or mass mailings. Keep in mind though, this will raise the price of your church accounting software — but if you were paying for these things anyway, it can streamline the process to get them all from the same provider.

If you don’t have someone on your church’s administrative staff who is comfortable with accounting, Aplos has you covered with their bookkeeping service. If you’re looking for a 100% cloud-based church accounting software option that will grow with your church, look no further than Aplos Church Software. Aplos Church Software is a cloud-based, all-in-one church management and accounting system that grows as your church does. Software integrations are important when selecting church accounting software because they allow the software to connect and share data with other software programs that the church may be using.

Plans for all types of faith-based organizations

It helps member manage their schedules, memberships, religious education, etc. This software is being used in the dioceses of Baltimore and Petersburg. Ministries shouldn’t have to spend more than they should to track their church finances. We see companies all the time take advantage of ministries by overcharging them by hundreds (or thousands) of dollars every year. The best church accounting software shouldn’t be a financial burden to your ministry. When searching for “church accounting software”, you’ll be served up with ads from half a dozen companies that feature nonprofit accounting or fund accounting software churches.

ZipBooks can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it easy for users to access their financial information from anywhere at any time. Additionally, ZipBooks offers a variety of integrations that allow users to connect their accounting software with other tools they use in their business, such as payment processors, time tracking software, and more. This makes it easy for small business owners to manage their finances and streamline their workflow.

  • This accounting solution’s feature-rich capacity assists customers in meeting their financial obligations to oversee internal workers, boards, finance committees, and external organizations.
  • This used to entail manual extract and re-adding to different documents, but PDFelement has solved this problem.
  • Data is automatically backed up regularly so that records remain safe even if there is a physical loss or theft incident at the church itself.
  • ZipBooks gives you the freedom to access your congregation’s information from anywhere you have an internet connection, whether you’re out visiting a sick widow or planning the Christmas service.
  • One wrong or omitted record can lead to completely wrong estimation or report generation.

ZipBooks gives you the freedom to access your congregation’s information from anywhere you have an internet connection, whether you’re out visiting a sick widow or planning the Christmas service. You know you need to organize your financials so you can best meet the needs of your clergy and congregation, but it’s difficult to find a solution that meets your church’s unique needs without being too expensive. Fortunately, we designed our DIY app to be an affordable solution for every church and every budget, large or small. Impress congregants with professional invoices and tax receipts that can be customized to reflect the spirit of your church.

Streamline Church Accounting

Connect your bank account and QuickBooks will learn to categorize expenses for you. Set reports to be automatically created and emailed to board or committee members on any schedule you’d like. ChurchTrac offers accounting features at low cost that were made by people with years of church treasury experience. As a church owner, you know that providing the best environment to your congregation not only includes offering your support but making sure your finances are “in the black”. Afterall, you want to offer new events, keep up with repairs and make sure the lights stay on.

Aplos is a cloud-based nonprofit and church accounting package that automates the tracking of donations, the creation of giving statements, and the generation of customizable reports. Aplos offers some important features that cater to church accounting needs, including Bookkeeping, budgeting, Debits and Credits Explained: An Illustrated Guide true fund accounting, church management, payroll, and so much more. Enter Breeze, a web-based church management software for small and medium-sized churches. Breeze is not a full accounting software, but it does produce most of the reports your church leadership will want.

church bookkeeping software

That means that staying on top of your church finances is super important. The all-new Accounting Software from FreshBooks empowers churches to take control of their accounting and manage their finances with ease. Most accounting tools are NOT designed for small and mid-sized churches.

Wave is cloud-based, so you can securely access your accounting software and your financial information anywhere you are. Reconcile expenses, record donations, and manage receipts whenever it is most convenient. IconCMO provides a family-based pricing system unlike other providers listed in this guide. Churches with few families don’t need to pay a fixed monthly fee regardless of congregation size. Aside from scalability, IconCMO offers more extensive church management features, such as Child Check-in and Allergy Tracking.

Important: Please make sure you are on the line with one of our Churchpro support technicians before taking any further steps!

FreshBooks automates time-consuming accounting tasks, like organizing expenses, tracking time and running reports, to free up time for more important community work. A small church financial software free of charge is usually hard to come by, but generally, the prices for church financial software programs are affordable except for those whose features embrace entire church management processes. FlockBase is an all-in-one church management solution that automates all of your church activities. It enables you to immediately record contributions in membership and accounting records, allowing you to keep track of all donations and money easily. FlockBase is a feature-rich and cost-effective program for small to medium-sized congregations.

  • Third, Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT can help churches manage their grant funding.
  • Automated reminders, email templates, letter-creation tools and bulk texting help you personalize outreach and donation requests.
  • As you can conclude from the name, this software is specifically designed for church accounting, similar to Persefoni, for example, which is designed to be used as carbon accounting software only.
  • Breeze is not a full accounting software, but it does produce most of the reports your church leadership will want.
  • Any connections between you, your bank accounts, and Wave are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

The best church accounting software offers full accounting functionality at affordable nonprofit prices. Church accounting software also helps protect against fraud by providing secure access controls which prevent unauthorized transactions from occurring on the account books. Data is automatically backed up regularly so that records remain safe even if there is a physical loss or theft incident at the church itself. This means you only have to purchase one church software package to manage your ministry. With our financial software you can track your donations, do payroll and manage your checkbook. Our church management software will help you keep records of all your members, decisions and attendance.

Do churches use cash or accrual accounting?

Usability is important when selecting church accounting software because it affects the ease and efficiency with which the software can be used by church staff and volunteers. A software with good usability is user-friendly and easy to navigate, reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks and increasing productivity. PowerChurch Plus is a comprehensive church management software that provides tools for membership, donation, and event management, as well as accounting, reporting, and communication features. Overall, ACS Technologies is seen as a powerful and flexible church management software that can help churches streamline their financial processes, improve efficiency, and make more informed decisions with real-time financial data.

Is there any accounting category not featuring a premium product like Intuit QuickBooks? PowerChurch Plus is primarily an on-premise desktop software best suited for small and mid-sized churches, although it has cloud-based software and mobile apps. As the name indicates, PowerChurch has a powerful reach, extending its features and capabilities beyond the average bookkeeping software.


Have a daily, weekly, and monthly checklist of all financial transactions that affect your organization’s financial health and accountability. These are Accounts Payable/Receivable, Payroll, Checks, Journal entries, etc. QuickBooks offers discounted products for nonprofits through TechSoup, a nonprofit tech marketplace.

Use the comparison tool below to compare the top Church Accounting software on the market. You can filter results by user reviews, pricing, features, platform, region, support options, integrations, and more. When undertaking church accounting work there will be data on many different forms, files and documents that will need to be added to the one document for analysis.

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