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The Brain Seeks Knowledge and Information

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written by Dr. Steven Cangiano April 12, 2019
Brain Seeks Knowledge and Information

Your mind naturally and automatically seeks the knowledge and information it deems important. It is programmed to seek data relevant to your survival.  Since we no longer live in the jungle, relevant is redefined as what is important to you in the context of our modern society. Adam Crane, in his book Mindfitness Training: Neurofeedback and the Process, discusses the importance of what he calls “consciousness processing.” There is an exponentially increasing body of information on an overwhelming spectrum of topics. Some information is of high quality, while most is not. Some information can be detrimental to your well being, especially when it misleads, misdirects and distracts. In this age of accelerating expansion, you must be very discriminating with the knowledge you seek. You do not have time for “fake news” or distraction. A compelling vision automatically directs your mind toward new insights and profound knowledge that is important to you and your ultimate success. 

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