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The Eight Blueprints for Successful and Productive Living

written by Patrick Ow September 20, 2019
The Eight Blueprints for Successful and Productive Living

Successful and productive people control and intentionally shape the course of their lives. They create opportunities for themselves through eight blueprints of life.

These written blueprints subconsciously activate their brain’s reticular activating system, which goes to work behind the scenes to deliver for them a happy and successful life.

No one may achieve success without first knowing precisely what he wants. Study any person who is known to be a permanent success and you will find that he has a Definite Major Goal; he has a plan for the attainment of this goal; he devotes the major portion of his thoughts and his efforts to the attainment of this purpose.

Napoleon Hill

Let’s say you want to make more money. Napoleon Hill talks about six steps to transform your desire into reality:

  1. Fix the exact amount of money you want to make in your mind.
  2. Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for making that amount of money. For example, working hard and being committed.
  3. Establish a fixed date for when the money shall be yours.
  4. Create a plan to make that amount of money and start to act on it immediately regardless of whether you are ready or not.
  5. Write a concise blueprint of the exact amount you want to make, the time limit for it, what you intend to give in exchange and the plans for accomplishing it.
  6. Readout this blueprint twice per day (morning and evening). When you do, you want to see and feel yourself owning the money.
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