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The Expansion Model of Conscious Evolution

Part One: How Structure is Fundamental to the Nature of Consciousness, Behavior, Complex Systems and the Future of Society

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano March 9, 2020
The Expansion Model of Conscious Evolution

Understanding consciousness is the most important human pursuit. As we elevate our comprehension of this phenomenon, we inform every aspect of life and society. The fundamental insights to follow will add significantly to one of the most interesting topics in philosophy, neuroscience, biology, and religion. They will also illuminate key factors that influence the behavior of individuals, organizations and complex systems. Ultimately, we will identify a predictable and healthy path forward for humanity.

Background – What is Consciousness?

Despite serious contemplation by many of the brightest minds in history, the conundrum persists: How does a substrate made of the same elements as rocks and trees, quarks and leptons become aware? This emergent phenomenon is known as the hard problem of consciousness. Understanding how consciousness emerges from some complex configuration of matter, and in turn, creates our experiences, identities and emotions, continues to be a mystery. The concepts surrounding structure, however, will shed new light on this mystery and many other aspects of life and society.

The Study of Thought and Its Inherent Conflicts

So, how does a podiatrist, recovered personal development junkie, and online magazine publisher add any clarity to this debate? Beginning with podiatry, the foot is a complex and uniquely human anatomic structure. To teach foot surgery you must be systematic. It requires breaking down complex processes into their minute, individual steps. This approach to learning and teaching has informed every aspect of my life.

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