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The Fear Of Intimacy

written by Oliver JR Cooper February 15, 2019
The Fear Of Intimacy

Intimacy can mean different things to different people. It is a word that has numerous meanings and interpretations. The meaning I am going to be looking at here is closeness.

Although closeness is usually experienced in relationships of the opposite sex, it can be experienced in any relationship where there is an emotional connection. An emotional connection can also be felt with friends, colleagues, and teachers.

The Fear Of Intimacy

In order to become close to another, we must open ourselves up and drop our defenses. We are then vulnerable which is perfectly normal and part of being human.

However, this feeling of vulnerability can be so strong and so overwhelming that it can cause one to retract and avoid closeness altogether.

For others, it can mean that they will allow closeness to occur but only so close. And if it were to go any further than what they are comfortable with, they will likely retract and wait for the level of closeness they are comfortable with to return.

Where Does It Come From?

So where does the fear of intimacy originate from? Through my own experience and research, I would say that the fear of intimacy is created during our younger years. What happens during that time and how we interpret it causes the fear of intimacy.

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