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The Importance of Processing Emotions

Emotional Intelligence

written by Oliver JR Cooper October 10, 2018
The Importance of Processing Emotions

I recently had an interesting experience. And upon close reflection, I believe this experience explains how important it is to process our emotions and to limit their accumulation.  I believe it also explains at a deeper level, that we are not just the observers of our reality, and that if we experience or are exposed to something, then it is always a mirror of what is going on for us at some level. It shows the power we have on our environment and the connection between the inner and outer world.

So here, based on my own subjective experience of what happened, I will do my best to put into words everything I have observed, before, during and after the occurrence.

The Experience

After a day that had moments of frustration and anger, I decided to go for a drive. Instead of taking the road that was familiar to me, I decided to take a completely different route. At the beginning of the journey, I said emphatically to myself ‘something has got to happen’, referring to my own need for change in my life. It was a feeling of needing a release of some kind.  A few moments after this happened, the car I was following pulled out too soon and ended up with another, going into its side. Now as strange as this might sound, I felt an emotional release as this happened. I felt mentally and emotionally better for a short while afterward.

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