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The Magical Lens to Find Calm

Loretta Graziano Breuning, PhD, encourages you to choose the magical lens to help you find calm in your everyday life.

You’re getting dressed in the morning.

You brush your teeth and comb your hair. You put on a comfortable shirt and jeans, then chuck on your favorite pair of sneakers.

Finally, you open a special drawer in your dresser: a drawer filled with glasses.

But these aren’t ordinary spectacles. These lenses change the way you see the world.

There’s a whole drawer full of these glasses, all with different prescriptions. We all have them. We all wear them and even have our personal favorites, whether we know it or not.

One pair, for instance, has you seeing the world as a dangerous place. Everything is a potential threat. These spectacles prime your central nervous system for fight-or-flight at every turn. Talk about the ultimate wardrobe malfunction.

Another pair allows you to see the world as a place conspiring to help you. You see opportunities instead of roadblocks, challenges instead of threats, empathy instead of me-vs-you. It follows that your reactions to specific situations will be different with these glasses on.

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