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The Making of Dirty Girl: The Film

Part Two

written by Edie Weinstein July 8, 2019
The Making of Dirty Girl: The Film

I was able to sit down with the creator of the film, Dirty Girl. Her film recognized those who were survivors of sexual harassment or sexual abuse. I was able to ask her some questions and took part in her film.

Spreading Change

How have you changed as a result of going through the process?

I have been so positively affected by doing this project. It was really the people involved who made it so incredibly special. They made me realize for all the awful and disgusting people in this world, there are so many more people filled with kindness and compassion.

The way that so many people came together willingly and cheerfully to collaborate and pull this off deeply touched me. Most of the people involved in “Dirty Girl” were strangers before the production, and now I keep up with them all. We continue to help each other in different ways, and they know we have found solace and friendship in one another. I would have never crossed paths with some of the most wonderful human beings, and because of this project, I was granted that opportunity.

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