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The Many Opportunities to Trust

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell November 29, 2018
The Many Opportunities to Trust

Imagine if we could completely trust that we are guided, protected and completely loved by an unseen higher power, that all that happens is a gift bringing us closer to God and our angels. I imagine that life would be peaceful and joyful.

Complete Trust is Not Easy

I started a practice to help me with this. Each day, I thank God for each opportunity to trust. Lately, a lot of these opportunities have been coming up, and it is a challenge for me to remember to trust.

One year ago, I was driving Barry to his appointment for a partial knee replacement. This is no small surgery, and we were both nervous. Being medically trained, we are always aware of the things that can go wrong. While driving, I mentioned to Barry that I wanted to give thanks for this opportunity to trust whatever happened on that day. I hoped I could see each event in the day as part of the gift of trusting. He agreed.

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