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The Need to Rescue Others Creates a False-Self

written by Oliver JR Cooper November 3, 2020
Creating a False-Self

There are individuals for whom, for as far back as they can remember,  may see themselves as a person with an inclination to save or rescue others. As a result of this, they are very used to being there for others, doing what they can to ‘help’ them.

While it seems as though they’re doing the right thing, there comes a point when one sees that living in this way isn’t truly serving them or others. This could even be something that they are forced to accept once it is no longer possible for them to behave in this way.

Waking Up

Regardless of what has forced them to take a step back to see that they need to change, they will no longer be willing to behave in the same way. Still, they could struggle to understand why it has taken them so long to wake up.

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