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The Number One Way to Stop Self-Sabotage

written by Dina Marais August 5, 2020
The Number One Way to Stop Self-Sabotage

To stop self-sabotaging behaviour is a real-life challenge for all of us. Self-sabotaging behaviour is so subconscious, that unless you know how to recognise it, it will keep you stuck in spinning your wheels getting nowhere to stop it. What I have discovered is the number one  way to stop self-sabotaging behaviour. When we shine some light on what it is all about and we understand it, then we can start changing it…

Have you experienced when something great happens and you feel unstoppable for a moment, only to be reminded of something else that makes you feel bad the next moment?

No wonder then that we become weary of good things — because it feels like every time we take one step forward, we take two steps back. It’s as if we expect and wait for the other shoe to drop. We expect the good that comes our way to be temporary — as if we get glimpses of magical possibilities but they stay glimpses.

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