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The Power of Blended Lives

written by Edie Weinstein February 4, 2020
The Power of Blended Lives

RD&T’s contributing writer, Edie Weinstein, reflects on relationships and what it means to have a blended life.

Seasons have turned three times since I began working with relationship coach Lori Ann Davis, whose skills are highlighted on the show Radical Dating. When we were initially introduced by filmmaker and author Betsy Chasse, buds were blossoming on trees as were my desires for partnership. Having been widowed (now passed the 19th anniversary on December 21st) and experienced numerous short term relationships, countless first dates, friends with benefits (that I prefer to call ‘heart friends’), I expressed readiness to welcome a full-time, committed person in my life. In the interim, the journey has been sprinkled with joys and challenges. Wonderful men have crossed my path, some remaining as treasured friends even though they didn’t pan out to be partner material.

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