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Three Strategies for Laughing More

Laughing is healthy because it stimulates endorphins. Real laughs are what it takes to trigger the chemical. You have more power over your laughter than you may think. Here are three things you can do it give yourself the gift of laughter.

1. Stock Up on Funny Stuff

We stock up on healthy snacks to avoid yielding to junk food, and in the same way, you can stock up on comedy to avoid yielding to gloom. It may seem wrong for laughter to need advance preparation, but once a bad mood strikes, you are not motivated to shop for comedy. And even if you look, everything you find may seem “not funny.” So take the time to gather funny stuff on a good day, so it will be ready on a bad day.

Store your humor in an easily accessible place so you’ll have it in times of need. Stock your phone with comedy before a medical treatment or a difficult challenge at work. Buy yourself tickets to a comedy performance to have something to look forward to after a trying time. You will help your brain shift its focus from negative to positive.

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