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Top Apps for Toddlers

written by Katie Lemons September 15, 2020
Top Apps for Toddlers

Katie Lemons, talks about some of the benefits of screen time and highlights top apps for toddlers.

Our society is transitioning toward a more technologically-driven approach in all facets of life. TVs, computers, and phone screens are only a few examples of the types of devices that play a significant role in many adults’ lives, so it is only natural that children are intrigued and attracted to them as well. The warnings about the negative effects of excessive screen time for young developing minds have generated a great deal of apprehension around the issue. While limitations on screen time are recommended, there are also numerous advantages technology and apps bring to a young child’s education and development.

Benefits of Screen Time

The traditional classroom set-up is not conducive to many kids who learn more effectively through other learning styles. Whether your child is an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner, there are apps available that cater to these specific needs. It’s also possible for high-quality apps to enhance brain development such as cognitive thinking and problem solving through age-appropriate games and puzzles. Apps with text can promote early literacy by bolstering letter recognition and sound association skills. Interactive apps provide an excellent means of support for fine motor development and improving hand-eye coordination.

Technology will undoubtedly have a considerable impact on your children’s lives. Becoming familiar and comfortable with operating devices is an important life skill kids can gain through screen time. In addition, your children have the opportunity to discover and determine what they are interested in and want to spend their time doing. Increasing the access that children have to different ideas and topics will lead to more areas of interest they can explore.

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