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Are You Afraid To Love?

written by Dr. Margaret Paul October 5, 2018
Are You Afraid To Love?

“I really want to learn how to love my boyfriend, who has been showing care and love toward me. However, I have fears of being taken advantage of and of being subjected to his unloving behaviors. So I feel very tight at my chest when these fears come up and I act out unlovingly. Is it possible to learn how to love him in the presence of these fears, or do I need to ‘get rid of’ these fears first before I can really love someone?”

Jillian asked me this question during one of my webinars.

Jillian’s fear of being taken advantage of, and of being at the other end of her boyfriend’s unloving behavior, results from her inner-child not trusting that she knows how to show up as a loving adult for herself. If she had a well-developed, spiritually connected, loving adult-self, she wouldn’t allow herself to be taken advantage of. She wouldn’t take personally others’ unloving behavior.

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