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WAKE UP Before It’s Too Late AMERICA

written by Sharita Star June 16, 2020
AMERICA, Be Proactive before It’s Too Late

In the urgency of flattening the curve of COVID19 aka, Coronavirus, AMERICA has some of the deepest lessons to learn in its global part in stopping the spread during one of the first promises of 2020’s Awakening the Unexpected human experiences. First and foremost, let us first take the “I” and “ME” out of the equation as far as how our state to state mandating is not unanimously deciding how all this is all going to go proactively.

Those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail. ~Benjamin Franklin

To continue to witness the incredible evidence in contrast for a country that is supposedly UNITED, (well, haven’t we all sadly known for a long time now via politics alone how much indeed it is UNTIED), we are miserably missing the Shelter in Place memo as a nation, as well as the calling of Becoming Friends with Simplification.

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