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What Women Who Grew Up With Boys Know…That You Don’t

written by Randy Skilton December 14, 2018
Expert in Men

You consider yourself some sort of expert in men. After all, your mother has taught you all you need to know…

Maybe you’ve read countless blogs and listened to numerous podcasts. So, you definitely have a thorough understanding of men. Or so you think.  For instance, you believe that men’s number one need is sex, right? This is a common belief but it is not true!

The thing that men crave the most in a relationship is respect (and appreciation). You also think that men are tough and unbreakable. However, the reality is that men have rather fragile egos. That is why guys crave praise and fear criticism.

The Misconceptions

There is a massive discrepancy between what women think men want and what men actually want. As a result, there are a lot of jaded women out there. The reason is that they feel they gave everything that they thought the man needed, yet it wasn’t enough.

A lot of women do not know what a man needs in a relationship. And it doesn’t help that many guys have a hard time articulating their needs. So, many women go into relationships with assumptions based on their own needs, and what they have heard. They then get heartbroken when the relationship doesn’t work even after they have done all they know.

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