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When We Put Others on a Pedestal

written by Oliver JR Cooper December 11, 2019
When We Put Others on a Pedestal

As individuals, we can typically appreciate another person’s talents without elevating them to a high position because, at the end of the day, the talented individual is still human. This person might be able to do something that we can’t, but most individuals are able to understand that the other person is no better than they are. With this outlook, one can appreciate what the other person does, but they won’t feel ‘less than.’  Conversely, there are those who perhaps did not receive much encouragement during childhood, and therefore, put others on a pedestal.

With more encouragement in childhood, it becomes possible for people to be themselves when they are around others they once perceived as being ‘better than’ them, and they know they can even learn to do what this person does. At the same time, whether or not they can learn the same thing all depends on what it is. For example, if the other person is a top-level athlete, it might not be possible for them to do the same thing. This is not because this person is ‘special,’ it is usually because one hasn’t got the same ability (or perhaps they are simply too old to get to that level).

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