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When You Are Competent

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano July 23, 2018
When you are competent

Starting any new, big, or bold endeavor can be scary. Perhaps you never even attempted to pursue an exciting relationship, a worthy ideal, or a daring new venture because you didn’t feel you were competent. This thinking ends now; the truth you will discover here is that you are, in fact, competent now. We are not talking about performing brain surgery or playing for the Yankees. We are talking about creating a compelling and balanced life that is meaningful and exciting to you.

The reason that many people do not pursue what they truly want is that they are not confident in their capabilities or qualifications. Fear of failure is the most common reason most people never strive for a bold vision, and it is often the reason why these people never achieve their heart’s desires.  Yet everything necessary for you to create the life you have only imagined exists for you at this moment. That is how nature works. Consider how a mighty oak starts as a tiny acorn; your visions and dreams work the same way. They are seeds you place in your subconscious mind that are guaranteed to bear fruit. All you need to do is become familiar with the creative process.

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