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When Your Spouse Leaves You

written by Martha Bodyfelt July 1, 2019
When Your Spouse Leaves You

I’ve been thinking a lot about a growing trend in divorce: when your spouse leaves you.

Spouse Abandonment

AKA when you thought the marriage was fine and you were looking forward to your future together, and then – POOF! – your spouse, out of the blue, says those shocking words…

I’m leaving.

I want out of this marriage.

We both know this isn’t working (but you didn’t know!). I’m moving out.

I want you out of the house. I don’t want to be married to you anymore.

It’s devastating when your spouse ends things without warning, especially when things seemed good to you, and there had been no signs that things were bad.

But here’s where it gets sticky:

Trying to figure out the “why did he/she leave?” is going to slow down, or even stop, your healing.

As a result, you may have spent months … even years … wracking your brain, trying to figure out why your spouse just up and left when you thought your marriage was fine.

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