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Why Almost 70 Percent of Divorces are Initiated by Women

written by Sharon Pope January 2, 2019
Divorces are Initiated by Women

recent study by Michael Rosenfeld, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Stanford University, reports that almost 70 percent of divorces are initiated by women. Seventy percent is a staggering number and that’s why we need to pay attention to it.

Women find me when they’re struggling in their marriages, and because they’ve been trying to fix the relationship for years without success, they mistakenly believe there is no other option but to leave.

I believe the staggering percentage of wives initiating a divorce is a result of several core factors that most often go unidentified and unaddressed until the relationship is nearly beyond repair.

These reasons are in no particular order. They consider when a couple has no training or tools on how to create lasting love and sustain relationships over the course of decades, the disconnection that happens in marriages during the time that children take center stage, and marriage counseling that is ineffective and done too late, usually as a last-ditch effort.

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