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Why am I Still Angry After My Divorce?

written by Martha Bodyfelt August 14, 2019
Why am I Still Angry After my Divorce?

Hey, so does this ever happen to you?  It may have been months since your divorce ended, and you thought you were doing okay.  You were picking yourself up financially, making your home your own, and trying some new activities and were feeling pretty good about yourself.  But then it hits you and won’t leave.  That anger; that pure rage once you look back and realize just how awful your ex treated you.

The time you found the messages from another woman on his cell phone. 

Or when you’d come home after a week-long work trip, only to find the house a complete mess and him sitting on the couch watching football. 

Or when you’d go to the gym together after a few comments he made about “you don’t look like you did when we met,” only to have him completely ignore you and pretend he doesn’t know you are there. 

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