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Why Personal Growth Still Matters

written by Noah St. John March 16, 2020
Why Personal Growth Still Matters

People have been hiring me over the last 20+ years to help them and their personal and business growth.

So, Why does a personal growth plan even matter today?

Here are the reasons why a personal growth plan still matters.

It is important because you have to install the following:

The Right Beliefs

Your brain is like a phone or a computer.

For example:

Recently, I put an app on my phone and I started getting all these ads on my phone every time I would turn it on.

I went to this store and I said ‘why are we getting all these ads’ he goes, ‘oh well there’s malware on your phone because you know…’ and he didn’t know why.

But I realized it was this app that I installed. So, I uninstalled the app and the ads went away!

My point is, your brain is a lot like a phone

Right now we have computing power, you have computing power in your pocket right now on your phone. But you’ve got even more computing power in your brain.

But, if you have malware in your brain, well guess what? That’s gonna really going to stop your success.

The Right Habits and Actions

What I realized in interviewing over 200 of the world’s topmost achievers, millionaires, even a few billionaires is that…you need the right habits and actions.

Whenever we’re going, even when it’s going towards something we want, we’re always going to experience the emotion of fear.

Fear is that emotion that says, “What if doing this causes me pain?” and what if this pain  I’m experiencing and it is not false evidence appearing real…?”

This is about the expectation of pain.

So when I teach my clients, people like you, to reach their milestone or their signpost on their way to success, I remind them to take the right actions, to not listen to that head trash that says…

I can’t do it.

I’m not good enough.

Watch my video here.


Noah St. John is the Creator of Freedom Lifestyle Experience

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