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Why Some Men Hate Women

written by Oliver JR Cooper January 7, 2019
Why Some Men Hate Women

The title of this article may sound a bit extreme, and, yet, when it comes to male and female interactions, there is not always peace, harmony, or respect. Throughout time, women have been murdered, manipulated, and abused by men.

And although the rights of women have gradually improved in certain societies, this hate still exists. It may appear in ways that are easy to spot, but it can also be seen in ways that are subtle and harder to notice.

A Closer Look

Of course, some women hate men and have been the perpetrators. However, this article is about taking a deeper look at some of the reasons why some men hate women. It is not about blaming or putting one gender above another, it is simply to try and shed some light on this occurrence.

The Modern Day

While times have changed and women have gradually become more accepted and appreciated in the western world, this hate still exists. And this can be expressed in numerous ways.

There are ways in which this happens at a personal level and how it happens at a social level; because although this hate exists, it is unlikely to be shown in a direct way. A man could say he hates women to himself or to the people that he knows, but this is rarely how it is recognized.

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