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Your Genes Could Be Causing Your Stress

Part One: Are your genes responsible for your unhappiness?

written by Dr. Tchiki Davis May 22, 2020
Your Genes Could Be Causing Your Stress

Dr. Tchiki Davis, discusses chronic stress and its causes. It may be your genes causing your stress, but you can change your diet to help.

They say “stress kills.” I didn’t realize how true this was until last year when, in the midst of writing my first book, Outsmart Your Smartphone, I got really stressed out—for a full month.

At the end of that month, it was like a switch was turned off. In a snap, my body stopped working. I started having major gut health issues. I couldn’t think. I could barely stay awake. My anxiety went through the roof, and I lost nearly twenty pounds in two months. (You can read more of my story here.) But there wasn’t anything “medically” wrong with me.

So I continued to do what everyone said I was “supposed to do” to boost well-being. I did vigorous exercise four days per week. I ate vegetarian and gluten-free. I drank gallons of green tea. I ate a ridiculous amount of healthy fruits and vegetables, but nothing helped. I was very sick and wasn’t getting any better.

It didn’t make any sense. What on earth was going on?

How I Discovered “Toxic Genes”

After being sick like this for almost a year and spending nearly all of my time either in bed or researching how to get healthy, I stumbled upon research on the genetics of detoxification. It turns out there are a bunch of genes that can make it difficult for some people to eliminate toxins from the body—from air pollution, pesticides, fragrances, mold, estrogen, and even stress hormones.

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